Mercury History

Mercury Crystal is located in the historic city Foshan, nearby the beautiful Pearl River, there is a giant in the crystal industry who created a legend in this beautiful land. Mercury Crystal is well known as the legent of the Eastern Crystal, which is the perfect rhinestones to meet the needs of both luxury and affordability. Ten years ago, crystal jewelry was a relatively extravagant things for most people, and the domestic market was basically a foreign brand products, that's why the Mercury Crystal comes into being. The two founders were determined to create a crystal brand, which belongs to China. The basis of the jewelry brand is quality, and the most important key to quality are raw materials and technologies. Since its startup, Mercury Crystal has established a development philosophy of independent innovation and quality first as the direction of the company. Therefore, the choice of raw material is also required the best of the best. The core raw material of Mercury Crystal comes from the East Sea of China, the crystal capital known as Baiku. Another core technology of crystal is color matching. The raw material is Chinese unique strategic resource of rare earth. It comes from the Wulanchabu prairie, which is known as the world's rare earth treasure house. Mercury Crystal is also the only one who uses rare earth in crystal industry. To pursuit the perfect quality. In terms of technological innovation, the two founders visited many top experts at home and abroad and built their own core technology research and development team, independent research and development high- precision cutting equipment. After several years of hard work, the color and process level have reached the international frontier standards, at the same time, it has introduced the most advanced optical film vacuum equipment from abroad, and the quality of the products has become increasingly mature and stable, and has been recognized and highly evaluated in the global market including Europe, Mid-east and the United States. The meaning of Mercury Crystal is to let your happiness blinking. On the road of internationlization, Mercury Crystal continues to make quality more outstanding, let happiness shine in every corner of the world.